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What is OPEN Glasgow?

Part of the £24m Technology Strategy Board-funded Future City Glasgow programme OPEN Glasgow is your gateway to rediscover and connect with your city. By making data easily accessible to all, OPEN Glasgow creates a level playing field for people to build, develop or simply play on. Start exploring today!

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You + Data

We believe data can empower everyone in our city. Our Data Launchpad is a huge repository of over 400 data sets which have now been made available to the public. From traffic data to events and festival data, get a new understanding of the city and see what you can build.

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Your City Dashboard

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Using data generated live in Glasgow the City Dashboard opens a window onto the city - find out where your train is live on the tube or see the whole mood of the city. See how the City Dashboard can change your journey through the city.

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Glasgow Mapped

Maps have helped us understand and record the world around us for centuries. Modern mapping can help us understand more than just the geographic landscape; we can now map everything from local knowledge to energy usage. Start your mapping journey today.

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Glasgow Apps

Our apps allow you to make more out of Glasgow. From rediscovering the places around you with our walking app to helping shape cycling provision with Glasgow Cycling; these apps are here to help you interact with the city on an unprecedented level.

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Where data comes from

90% of the worlds data was created in the last 5 years. Part of this story is the sensors that are all around us. Anonymous black boxes with an incredibly important part to play in helping us learn more and do more in the city.

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Learn how data can help you

Our data stories show how data can be used to create real benefits for the people of Glasgow

  • Citizens

    Open Data can…allow everyone to better plan for the future.

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  • Businesses

    Open Data can…improve the chances of success for new businesses.

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  • Developers

    Open Data can…use citizen-sourced data to create richer views of the city

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  • Community

    Open Data can…connect communities to services and assets in their area

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  • Academia

    Open Data can… build a detailed and integrated picture of the city

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  • Public Sector

    Open Data can…allow smarter and targeted decisions to be made.

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