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Your gateway to explore and rediscover the city.

Fuelled by open data we offer tools, events and resources to empower everyone from pedestrians to policy-makers, app developers to artists.


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Blog | Data Portal

Don’t fear the data; embrace the future!

By Cyril Dyer
Blog | Future City

The Possibility of Future Maps

By Cait Gillespie
Blog | Open data

Icon and on again

By Neil McDonald
Blog | Map Portal

Mapping out Glasgow from the Grassroots

By Jamie Peters


Find new tools to get the most from your city

The future is here

The future is a changing world, and it should be changing for the better.

It's already happening – so start exploring!

The ultimate local knowledge.

Glasgow opens up information that defines Scotland’s largest city. The groundbreaking approach allows easy access to the data generated by countless Glasgow stories.

A unique city view, tailored by you.

Locals, tourists, cyclists, shoppers ... the OPEN Dashboard will give anyone with an interest in Glasgow a uniquely personalised way of looking at the city.

Coming Soon

Enhancing Glasgow, one app at a time.

With so many apps out there, it can sometimes be hard to track ones that could be genuinely useful to you. OPEN Glasgow spotlights apps that help us understand, interact and explore Glasgow.

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See how it all connects.

Glasgow improves information in the form of “linked data” - data that has been structured into smart formats that allow developers to make the most of it. With clever functionality built-in, it’s the gold standard of data.

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Imagine future city services

By Sarah Drummond

Future Cities

By Anne Dhir

OPEN Glasgow

By Anne Dhir
Blog | Future City

Open Collaboration

By Andrew Stevenson


Get involved with the city

Blog | Hackathon

Pitched perfect

By OpenGlasgow
Blog | Hackathon

Hackathon FAQs

By Anne Dhir
Blog | Hackathon

Make it better

By Marek Bell


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