Open Glasgow will be running hackathons across the city in 2014, starting in February. The challenge will be to shape the future city. We’re aiming high so we need your help: what makes a good hackathon? Help us gather a list of 2014 ideas. We’ve started with 20 things we liked from Start-up Weekend Glasgow last month, and 14 things for the Open Glasgow hackathons. Add your comments below!

20 things we liked at #SWG13

  1. Friday night networking session
  2. Post-it note vote casting for the best pitches
  3. Amazing space that nurtured creativity
  4. The furniture: swinging chairs, sofas, footstools, giant lamp (in the style of Pixar’s Luxo Jnr)
  5. Impressive organising skills of the SWG13 event team
  6. Breakout rooms: good settings for focused hacking
  7. Relaxed and welcoming atmosphere
  8. Opportunities to take a break and chat with those in other teams e.g. at the film screening
  9. Plenty of inspiring mentors
  10. Great food, plenty of it and a good range including healthy options!
  11. Some teams went outside and did great research asking real people what they wanted/what they thought of the ideas
  12. Inviting people in from outside to see what the innovators were getting up to (some external observation)
  13. Participants setting their own challenges
  14. Quality t-shirts promoting the #swg13 hashtag
  15. Having start-up veterans as mentors
  16. Having unusual flavoured Redbull and Scottish Fyne Ales
  17. The practice pitch sessions with the mentors giving feedback before the pitches to the judges
  18. Thought-provoking speakers
  19. Challenging questions from the judges
  20. Several winner categories, with some fantastic prizes that were awarded on the night by the judges

14 ideas for Open Glasgow hackathons 

  1. Hold an icebreaker
  2. Make videos of the pitches for sharing before the weekend
  3. Plan everything well so all goes smoothly and some great innovations get hacked
  4. Provide the participants with high quality, tasty and energising food throughout
  5. Have some cake for consumption at coffee and tea breaks (do a Fika! #lovefika)
  6. Get some embroidered OPEN hoodies made up
  7. Hand out strips of raffle tickets to each participant and give out some awesome random prizes throughout the hackathon
  8. Blogging throughout the event
  9. Teams using @openglasgow Twitter account to conduct some market research among our followers
  10. Ask Glasgow businesses and citizens to set the hackathon challenges
  11. Focus on creating value
  12. Invite users to get involved with the teams
  13. Set a little homework before the hackathon
  14. Help Glasgow on its journey to being a future city, and have fun along the way!