OPEN Glasgow Future Maps project was at The Bridge in Easterhouse on Sunday 29th June to work with the community to map out the services, buildings and ‘things’ that are important to residents. Focusing on what matters to the community is an important aspect of the Future Maps project.

Our map of a part of Easterhouse started out fairly blank but that was not to last long.

The first person I spoke to couldn’t see his area, Ruchazie. He was disappointed he couldn’t contribute his insider knowledge and was ready to leave but not before he listed all the things he could have told us about in Ruchazie, including the places most important in his view: the football facilities.

When asked about what football facilities could be on the Easterhouse map, he stopped in his tracks and spent the next 15 minutes outlining all football-related items. His contribution was excellent for our purpose of adding services to the map but even more importantly, it underlined the very purpose of this project: what is important to the people in the area – in this case football services. The session allowed community members to discuss what football facilities were in the area, how they had changed and how they could be represented on the map.

By the end of the day we had a great map: it wasn’t created by mapping experts, ordinance and survey professionals or any outside contractors deciding what people wanted to see in their communities. It was created by community members sharing their stories, their knowledge and by talking about the things that they cared about. This won’t be football for everyone, it will be different things for different people in different communities across Glasgow. That is the point of this project, to give a voice and empower individuals and communities through mapping what is important to them.

This project, Future Maps, is all about opening up services, data and information for everyone to shape their own city. Get involved.