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The OPEN Glasgow Community Map is about capturing and sharing Glasgwegians’ local knowledge. This interactive tool makes it easier for everyone to access services in their local area and throughout the city. Anyone can suggest services and focus on what is important to them.

Collect, Share & Discover

The community map encourages everyone to share local information so that others can locate, update and discover new services in their area more easily. All of the data comes from citizens, communities and organisations who share their local knowledge of Glasgow. The community map has now over 270 services, all collected by Greater Easterhouse Alcohol Awareness Project (GEAAP) and the many mapping volunteers who are ensuring all the information is current and up to date. This includes clubs, activities, recovery services, sports, arts, volunteering opportunities and much more. You can learn how to add services from our video tutorials and user guides.

The vision is a city whereby community knowledge is shared and open for all to access. It is to empower communities and individuals to represent themselves and identify what is important to them. This map is made by the community and for the community.

Open maps bring people & services closer together

A powerful example of one of the benefits of the OPEN Glasgow Community Map comes from Walter Brown, a sustainable recovery worker from GEAAP. He believes that mapping services can help people in recovery to connect to events and activities in their local area and build a routine. Watch an overview of the benefits of community mapping from the video below.               

What do you know of your community? What are you looking for?

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