It is hard to believe but the date for our next #hackglasgow Future Hacks event is rapidly approaching. We’ll be running a live data session on twitter discussing the datasets that we are presenting. The theme this time is health.

I got the idea for our last ‘tweet chat’ from an OPEN colleague who introduced me to the monthly #citytalk chats. These events bring together a global set of experts and interested parties talking about urban innovation, and seemed like an elegant and lightweight way to open up institutions, spread knowledge and build engagement with a topic.

Our inaugural tweet chat last month followed this model and was centred around a discussion of the energy datasets we presented for Future Hack 02, giving participants and interested parties an opportunity to ask questions and get a head start on coming up with ideas for hacks. It also gave me an opportunity to post animal pictures in an official capacity – quite irresistible.

This one will take place on 24th April, one day prior to the hack, at 15.00 GMT and will follow a similar format:

15.00: Introductions and discussion of chat format

15.05: Show of hands from the participants in the chat

15.10: Links to our data portal and useful resources.

15.15: Discussion of the collections we are presenting one by one

15.35: Open discussion

16.00: Close questions

The ground rules are to announce your presence at the beginning, make sure you include the hashtag #hackglasgow in your tweet and hold your questions for the open discussion. I will endeavour to answer every question. And seeing as this events theme is health, if you can, bring a sense of humour – it is good for you.

As a sneaky preview, we have a huge amount of data to present this time, well up from last time. Currently 8 collections including 94 datasets, with 550+ individual resources. Themes include hospital admissions, access to health and ancillary factors – without giving too much away just yet.

Tune in to #hackglasgow on Thursday the 24th April for more info. We look forward to seeing you there!