Are you a Glasgow cyclist? Or would you like to get out on your bike more? Open Data is helping to empower the cycling population of Glasgow.

The App


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The Glasgow Cycling app allows cyclists to record their journeys around the city and share the information with other users. It allows cyclists to submit routes, distances traveled, times taken and average speeds. All of this information is made available on the app for other cyclists to utilise. Start and end points of the submitted journeys are concealed to ensure anonymity.

Data Used

Datasets from Open Glasgow were used to create the app including:

  • Locations of cycle racks
  • Public toilet locations
  • Information about road accidents
  • Details of the cycle shops in the area

The data was layered and mapped and this information appears to app users throughout their journey.

Local Knowledge

The real knowledge lies with the people who cycle in the city. As well as adding their own routes to the app, users can also add specific points of interest such as areas in the journey they found tricky or places where the surface may prove difficult for other cyclists to tackle.  Glasgow is keen to get more people cycling in and around the city both for leisure and commuting. The data gathered from the app will be available on the Open Glasgow data portal and this will help to inform future investment decisions and drive improvements to the city’s cycling network.

Who this can benefit: