Maps let us see the data and knowledge in our city quickly and easily. With OPEN maps you can start to add your Glasgow so that everyone can see and use it; from cycle racks to essential neighbourhood services, we can all share our local knowledge.

The people who know Glasgow the best are the people who live here!

The OPEN Glasgow Community Map enables citizens to share local knowledge with their communities, and the whole city. Visualising this information on a map quickly shows what communities find interesting and useful. For example local projects, health services, support groups and local service providers can be highlighted.

The Community Map connects people to services and assets in their area. This map currently has over 250 pieces of information added to it, giving a unique perspective into communities across the city.

Learn about the benefits for communities from mapping here:
Mapping for the Community, by the Community

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A wealth of Open Data can now be explored on maps.

If you are a cyclist you can use the Cycling map to view where the cycle routes, cycle shops and bike racks are across the city to help plan your journey. Or if you want to discover new things across the city you could use the Unexpected Glasgow map. You can view such things as art galleries, cultural organisations, festivals and theatre performance venues.

Community-sourced data on recovery centres, community centres and homeless and housing support services is mapped alongside organisational data on support groups and services. This combination helps build a truer and more complete picture of the support structures in neighbourhoods.

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