How often do you see new businesses popping up in your area, only for them to close down within a year? How can a new business maximise its chance of success or market itself to customers in the best way?

These are common issues and Open data can now help businesses plan and invest in the future. Using data from OPEN Glasgow allows new and existing businesses to maximise their potential to succeed.

Data can help!

A business owner can find information on pedestrian footfall and busyness in different areas of the city:

  • What times of day, or days in the week, is there an increase or decrease in footfall in the area?
  • What is the traffic flow through that area like?

All this information can be used to prepare a business for busy times and ensure that there are fewer wasted resources. The data would also allow them to set prices and deals accordingly, and target customers effectively.

Visualisation of footfall in the city, created using Open Data

Get to know your business area

A business owner can make decisions about location using data available about that area:

  • What types of businesses are currently present in that area?
  • What types of businesses have been successful / unsuccessful in the past?

This information can paint a picture to determine if there is a business case for a particular sector in that area. It will also help business owners to spot patterns of successes or failures in the past to ensure they are planning successfully for the future.

Fund business ideas using data

Organisations providing funding to start-up businesses could use data to ensure their funding was spent effectively. They could view trends in successes and failures of businesses that have previously received funding in similar areas and sectors. This can be used to drive a change in strategies to ensure funding is focussed in the right direction.

This showcases the great potential in using this data to support Glasgow businesses.

Data is powerful!

Who this can benefit: