There are many things to think of when moving home and into a new area, especially if that person is completely unfamiliar with the area. How can they really know what living there will be like?

Citizens want to ensure they make the right choices and are well informed when it comes to buying or renting a property. This involves a lot of different aspects such as the standard of local schools, how safe the area is or which supermarkets are nearby. This is where data comes in!

Using data available on the Open Glasgow the people of Glasgow can make informed decisions based on actual evidence. This data can come from organisations, but also from the people of Glasgow. The more knowledge that people contribute on their local area the more we can all benefit from this breadth of information. The data portal can be used to unearth a wealth of knowledge for someone considering moving into an area. Examples include:

Services and Assets

  • Proximity to key services such as schools, job centres, nurseries, sport centres, libraries and supermarkets.
  • Data on the performance of local schools.
  • Local transport links e.g. locations of bus stop and train stations.
  • There is even a dataset with the driving times to key services from a certain area!

House Prices

  • Data on house prices across the city to give an estimate of prices in an area
  • Visualise trends in house prices for the area over time to determine whether it is likely to appreciate or depreciate in value in the future


  • Find out about safety in the area for example from data which shows reported incidents in the city such as street drinking, anti-social behaviour and deliberate fire- setting.
  • View data on CCTV locations.

Energy Consumption

    • Use the Energy App to see what the energy consumption is for a particular street and what type of houses are present: this can be used to give an estimate of the bills for one property on the street.
    • View potential retro-fit options that could improve energy efficiency for the type of house in the area you intend to buy or rent in, for example insulation or solar panels. The costs and the benefits can be weighed up before deciding to move in.

Visualisation demonstrating the Energy App

Citizens can collate an abundance of information using many different datasets and weigh up the pros and cons to make an informed decision. All before they have even viewed a property!

Welcome to the neighbourhood!

Who this can benefit: