What would they say? And what would we want to know? There are many questions we may have about the streets in our city; for example how easy is it to walk down a particular street, and what amenities are located there? Now there is an answer. Walkonomics.

So what is it?

Walkonomics is a smart phone/ web application that rates how pedestrian-friendly the streets within our city are. This rating is based on a number of physical characteristics such as how easy it is to cross the road and how friendly the street feels to walkers.


So what data is used?

The Glasgow Open Data portal stores 400 datasets about the city. By layering a selection of these datasets a fuller picture of Glasgow’s streets was created. Some of the data used includes:

  • Navigation:
  • Locations of pedestrian crossings
  • Widths of pavements
  • Road Safety:
  • Speed limits for each street
  • Locations of traffic calming measures
  • Number of road or pedestrian accidents on the street
  • Public Safety:
  • Locations of CCTV cameras
  • Street lighting information e.g. location, type of lights
  • Police/ Community Safety Warden presence

How is the data used? Multiple Open datasets from the Portal were combined, analysed and the ‘walkability’ rating of different streets was determined. The Walkanomics rating system is based on eight categories, and how the data for a street matches the criteria set out in each category determines it’s rating. This system was applied to more than 20,000 streets in Glasgow to create base ratings for streets in the city. All the information can then be mapped to create a detailed picture of the ‘walkability’ of Glasgow streets, this allows citizens to see for themselves how streets in their area rate.

What’s next?

The Walkonomics app provides a base level rating for Glasgow’s streets. This can be enhanced by citizens and communities adding their own ratings, reviews and ideas for improvement, this can complete the picture for each street. This will also be a useful tool for visitors to Glasgow who are venturing into new areas, and want to check up on the streets they’re walking on.

Why not walk it?

Who can this benefit: