Have you ever wondered what was going on in your local community or searched for local information? Everyone can now share and publish local knowledge on the OPEN Glasgow community map, and connect to assets and services in their local area, as well as Glasgow as a whole.

Collect, Share and Discover

The OPEN Glasgow Community Map platform encourages the people of Glasgow to collect their own data about their community. This is creating a rich, layered, user friendly and shareable map of Glasgow’s assets and services from a local perspective. Currently there are over 250 pieces of information showing on the map, these have been collected by volunteers across Glasgow. This includes up-to-date information on clubs, activities, sports, arts, places of interest, volunteering opportunities and much more. The community map encourages individuals to share local nuggets of information so that others can locate, update and discover new services in their area more easily.


Click here to view the OPEN Glasgow Community Map!

A Local Insight

This method of data collection provides a unique insight into communities across the city. It empowers groups, charities and community centres to represent themselves, identify what matters to them and plan for future services. A powerful example of one of the benefits of community mapping comes from Walter Brown, a sustainable recovery worker from the Greater Easterhouse Alcohol Awareness Project. He believes that mapping services can help people in recovery to connect to events and activities in their local area and build a routine. He said: The community map is ideal to assist people to integrate back into the community; it creates an opportunity of putting whatever is going on in your local area from arts and drama to volunteering opportunities leisure activities and community centres.                        

– Walter Brown, Recovery Worker, Easterhouse

The result is a rich picture of services available in communities across Glasgow. This growing data set has the potential to inform decision making and target investment at a local level. This is just the start. How would you benefit from this map?

What information could you share about your community?

This benefits:

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