OPEN Glasgow Apps use data to bring citizens and the city together. Our apps aim to help collaboration and discovery in the city. We talk about the apps in more depth below.

How can you help shape our cities cycling future?

The potential benefits of cycling on both health and the environment are huge. In Glasgow the increase in cycling has contributed to £4million in health savings already. Glasgow has seen an upswing in cycling – and we want to see this continue. Using data we can gain insight into how people are cycling across Glasgow to make smarter decisions to support this.

The Glasgow Cycling app demonstrates open data in use. Bike security or the sudden need for a repair can be a problem if you’re in a less familiar neighbourhood. Our developers were able to add bike repair shops and cycling racks to a map so you can now see the closest to you at anytime.

Check out the Cycling Rack dataset they used here:

As with many cycling apps Glasgow Cycling can track and store your route with related to statistic. But by choosing to share anonymous route data, we can all collaborate to create an unprecedented picture of cycling in Glasgow. Having this insight can shape cycling infrastructure for the future. The more data there is – the richer the insight is. The app is still a beta but V1 is available on for iPhone and Android now. Try it out, let us know what you think and let’s build Glasgow’s cycling future together!

Watch the film here:

Getting more from our city with data isn’t just about making savings or smarter planning; sometimes it’s finding what’s already there.

We’ve mapped a variety of guided walks that reveal the stories and fabric of the city to help you discover Glasgow all over again.

Local knowledge and histories are data too! The character and history of a city are defined by the people who live there. In the future the Glasgow Walking can start to make this knowledge accessible for all. Future features will have the potential for communities to start adding their local knowledge, history and walks on to the app, making it an even better experience for everyone.
Learn more about how maps can benefit communities

Measure the energy efficiency of your home against the whole city!

Using the Glasgow Energy app you can see energy usage on an interactive 3D map to see how your area compares. You also get a measure of how your property performs against other properties. The more people that contribute, the more accurate a picture we will get of Glasgow. Share with your friends and family, have fun and compare your results!

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