Are you wondering where the nearest recycling site is to your home? Are you looking to develop solar photovoltaic panels in your community but do not know where? Open data can now help citizens of Glasgow figure all this out!

Sites for renewable technology are now mapped!

OPEN Glasgow has used Open data to develop a renewable energy map to help you achieve this goal. It shows vacant and derelict land across the city and assesses the policy and technical constraints of each site. These locations are then rated on a scale from ‘sensitive and unlikely’ to ‘possible and favourable’ for future development of green energy projects. Communities and individuals who are planning to invest in solar photovoltaic panels can use this data to target potential sites as well as to make stronger funding applications.


This map can help your community to be more engaged in Glasgow’s journey to becoming a more sustainable city. Click here to view the map

How sustainable is your neighbourhood?

You’ve separated the glass and paper from the rest of your waste just to realise that you don’t know where your nearest recycling point is. You can now access data on all the recycling points in your neighbourhood using Glasgow’s Open Data Portal. Access to this type of information lets citizens know what is in their local area. This leads to communities taking ownership of their own environment, recycling their own waste and being more sustainable. OPEN Glasgow has now published 100 datasets relating to both ‘Environment’ and ‘Energy’ groups. Data like green spaces, domestic and non-domestic energy consumption or electricity-related carbon emissions have now been made Open. This is beneficial to communities, policy-makers and individuals wishing to be more environmental friendly.

Glasgow and Open data have joined the journey to a more sustainable city. Be part of it!

Who this can benefit:

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