Strengthening Community Funding Applications

Did you know that Open data can help community leaders to successfully secure funding for community projects? Learn how Open data helped Jackie to put together a strong application for a play park in her community.

Jackie at the Bridge

Jackie is the Arts Manager of the Platform, a performing arts facility based at The Bridge in Easterhouse. She recently applied for funding to various Trusts to develop a children’s play area in her community. To receive funding, Jackie needed to build a strong and evidence-based application stating why her project should be selected and why the funding should be given to her community.

What data did Jackie use?

To build the application, Jackie used a range of data from the Glasgow Open Data Portal. By using multiple datasets, Jackie could contextualise her application and justify the return of investment. She used datasets such as the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation, which compares levels of deprivation in different areas of Glasgow. She also used demographic datasets to justify the number of children that will benefit from the play area, compared to other areas of the city.

Finding an exact location within the area was another key aspect of the application. To help identify potential locations, Jackie used datasets related to vacant and derelict land and how accessible they would be for the community.

Interactive map of vacant and derelict land in Glasgow (2012 Survey)

Communities are the Beneficiaries

The case of Jackie illustrates how community leaders can utilise Open data to build strong applications and business cases in general, but the potential benefits of Open data to our communities are countless. It can help to identify new trends in our city that were not apparent before, and it gives us a unique insight into our communities. This allows us to make better and smarter decisions when allocating funding to different communities.

How would you use Open data to benefit your community?

Who this can benefit:

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