People Make Glasgow – it’s true. People create knowledge and ideas. People make decisions, define the character of our city and tell it’s story. Some people even change the world.

We believe the best future for our city is one where people are at the heart; empowered to collaborate and create new opportunities together. We have the potential to lead a new economy defined by knowledge and ideas because of our people. We only need to unlock that potential.

By harnessing the data and knowledge that surrounds us we can create an unprecedented understanding of how
Glasgow works.

Using this insight, we can make smarter choices, innovate, and improve quality of life for everyone. For the whole city to benefit we need to share this insight.

By doing this we can create new opportunities, and empower everyone to collaborate in the decisions that will define the future of our city.

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OPEN Glasgow products demonstrate how data can be transformed to create insights and benefit the people of Glasgow.

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What is data?

Data is a raw material; derived from human activity and knowledge and captured through the internet, devices, and sensors. Throughout history, Glasgow has shown that if we have the right raw materials, we can create incredible things. From government to community groups and even individuals; they all have data about our city. Until recently, a lot of this data had not been available. We are now opening it up, providing a space for people to share it and making it useable so everyone in the city can benefit.

Data is nothing new, but the sheer amount and how we can share and harness it is.

Our cities are also under pressure from an increasing and ageing population – we need to get more from our services and infrastructure than ever before.

By using the insight created by data we can start to make existing services more efficient and even transform how they are accessed and delivered. Sharing this with citizens empowers them to utilise and create their own insights.

In a time of stretched and limited resources, the amount of data is actually increasing. This is being driven by two main factors:


The UK is one of the leading countries globally for opening up data and making it accessible. So far thousands of previously closed data sets have been opened up and made available (see for more). Glasgow is building on this leading position to put our city at the forefront. Our Data Launchpad provides access to over 2500 data resources in a useable format. Sharing data in this way can help build connections across the city further aiding joined-up thinking and delivery of our services. By sharing through transparency we can collaborate much closer to deliver what is needed, when it’s needed.

The Future City Glasgow project used new technology and data to help in the delivery of our Social Transport service enabling them to do more for communities than ever before.
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The Industrial Internet

An explosion in devices connect to the internet and equipped with sensors is an increasing source of data. The ‘Internet of Things’ or Industrial Internet is set to be a multi trillion pound industry – the potential for cities that can lead in this area is huge!
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Data can create insight – but what is this?

“An instance of apprehending the true nature of a thing.”

Insight offers a truer understanding of the world around us. Data creates insight because it is neutral so only lets us know what is there. Insight allows us to see more and do more. If we track the data from data-derived decisions we can then feed this back and further our understanding improving subsequent decisions. We call this the Smart Loop.

The more we use data the smarter our decision can become. Together we can build our Future City Glasgow – let’s start today!

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Cycling app – by sharing route data the city can see how people are actually using the city and build infrastructure to support that. Building the right infrastructure can then start to encourage more cycling and we can build on this.

Data can bring people together with the neighbourhood around them learn more here

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