It is now Day 2 at #hackglasgow in the South Block studios and we are thrilled to have so many talented people working with open data to help Glasgow become a smarter, a more sustainable and – crucially for this hackathon’s theme – a safer city. All the better that today is Global Open Data Day.

Morning updates

Things are going well, and some big steps have been taken. One of the teams has built a prototype app for their concept, and have been carrying out impressive market research. Another team was out on the streets of Glasgow last night, asking people about their perceptions of public safety. I’m pleased to report that they safely made it back to the venue where they can develop their findings.

There were issues with the wifi downstairs overnight, but it was fixed earlier this morning. Breakfast provided the participants some sustenance to get back to it (or keep at it – some teams stayed working overnight) and now it is lunch time. Feed the body, feed the mind. We don’t want anyone flying too high on caffeine and forgetting the importance of a balanced diet.

Nobody fancied the ‘morning stretches’ session but I’ll try to garner some enthusiasm for tomorrow. It is good to get the blood flowing to all parts of the body. And yes, especially the brain at an event like this.

Future Hacks Guest Book

I want to make a little shout-out about our #hackglasgow Future Hacks Guest Book – this is somewhere in South Block and wants YOU to write a scribble about your experience of the hackathon. Feel welcome to write (forwards or backwards), to draw doodles, tell us your hopes, dreams and also any disappointments. I know someone who wishes there were space-hoppers… This Guest Book can be open data! We will scan the pages and share them after the four Future Hacks events are complete.

Mentors on hand

There are a number of mentors on hand to advise participants, helping answer questions about public safety and also helping with use of the datasets on the Data Portal. Our very own Data Sheriff Devon Walshe has sorted some APIs from the relevant datasets on the portal. See these via this link.

Tell us what you’re thinking

Remember to join in the conversations on Twitter with #hackglasgow: maybe take a photo and Tweet it. Also remember you can talk to us on on Facebook. And feel free to add any comments below about how you are getting on, or if you aren’t at our event, what you hope our Future Hacks Public Safety hackathon achieves. There is a £20, 000 prize to be won!