I am Cyril Dyer and I work with the Future City Glasgow Data Team. For the past 15 years, I have worked with others to understand and embrace change. Being able to adapt to the environment around us is, in my experience, a cornerstone of success and prosperity.

Change starts with data

In the city data team, our catalyst for change is ‘open’; our enabler is data. Together they provide us the motivation and mechanism to deliver a Future City. Data is itself a truth, a representation of facts, depicting the state of the world in detail. Positive change must be based on reality ie: the data.

The case for open data

Therefore being open with our non-personal data is important. It should be free, shared and used by all. It drives our actions and processes as they are right now and the way we live our lives. It will shape our actions for the future. This is the only way to create meaningful change in our city, our institutions and ourselves.
Data is a driver of beneficial change. When the outcome fails to meet expectations, we can look for answers in the data and adjust our actions.

Connecting communities

My colleague Devon Walshe makes the case for open data in his post, Why Open Data? In that post, he points out that being open also brings with it challenges, one of those being transparency. I would argue strongly that transparency and access to information are key to providing communities, citizens and service providers with the opportunity to connect, which will benefit all.
OPEN Glasgow embraces change and recognises the challenges it brings. There are significant barriers to change and being open, but it brings opportunities. Unlocking that potential is a challenge for us all and we invite you to embrace that with us.

The Future City Glasgow Data Team has unlocked over 300 datasets and created multiple uses.
The story has just begun!

The more we understand the challenges the more insight we derive from them. Doing so will allow us to promote the use of data and the benefits of change. We already have a number of positive uses of data to demonstrate the benefits to citizens and service providers alike. We hope this will boost confidence in open data, and support the actions needed to improve life in the city.
The opportunity is enormous – we just have to open our minds to the possibilities. To create a future where citizen and cities are better connected can bring prosperity and success. The opportunity is ours to take.

Change is progress. At times it is exciting; at others we may have reservations but Glasgow has an opportunity to be at the forefront these developments. Will you be part of it?