Future City | Glasgow

Last year, Glasgow won Future City funding worth £24 million. The ambitious programme will open up Glasgow like never before, demonstrating how to make life in the city smarter, safer and more sustainable through technology.

Glasgow Operations Centre

The Glasgow Operations Centre is a state-of-the-art integrated traffic and public safety management system created with the help of Future City funding. By bringing together public CCTV, Glasgow Community Safety Services, Traffic Management Services and the Resilience and Safety Team, this centralised hub can assess and respond to situations large and small across the city. It will also help facilitate and safeguard the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

OPEN Glasgow

OPEN Glasgow encourages citizens to explore and rediscover their city through the vast amounts of information it generates every day. It’s a gateway that opens up a wide range of datasets relating to Glasgow, making them quickly and easily accessible. It’s a freely adaptable resource designed to assist anyone curious about how the city really works – and inspire ways to improve it.

Four Demonstrators to help show the way

The Active Travel Demonstrator will show how the city can be made friendlier for both cyclists and pedestrians, informing strategies that can help Glasgow reach the Scottish Government target of 10% of all journeys being completed by bike. Encouraging everyday cycling also creates health benefits across the board.

The Energy Efficiency Demonstrator will show how obtaining increasingly accurate information can help inspire ways to cut emissions, reduce overheads and address issues of fuel poverty. By creating a detailed, data-rich portrait of Glasgow’s consumption, it will be possible to identify and act upon factors that change energy behaviours.

The Integrated Social Transport Demonstrator will help some of Glasgow’s most vulnerable citizens access social and educational services. Smart integration and route scheduling software will increase flexibility and responsiveness, while also reducing operational costs and making it easier for the same transport to be used across various organisations.

The Intelligent Street Lighting Demonstrator will show how the city can use smarter streetlights to improve lighting quality, reduce energy usage and make maintenance more efficient. The pilot scheme will also collect useful data that could have a positive impact on the quality of life and public safety in the two test locations.