Next month is the first Future Hacks event. This is very exciting for the Future City Glasgow team, and we hope many of you feel inspired to join in.

You may have heard us refer to this event as a ‘Hackathon’. Since we have had a few people tell us that they aren’t entirely sure what a hackathon is exactly, we thought we would put together this blog post.

I can’t write code, so the Future Hacks events aren’t for me.

Not necessarily!

Whilst those who can write code, known as developers, are indeed fundamental to a successful hackathon, they are not the only key participants.

What ingredient in a cake is the developer, anyway?

I put the question to our coder followers on Twitter.

coders in a cake - the question

And there were various replies:

coders in a cake twitter chat

This answer is quite technical…

coders in a cake - egg

You can’t bake a cake with butter alone.

Think of a cake. Are you thinking of one? Whatever type of cake you have in mind right now, it is likely that it includes butter, sugar, flour, baking powder and eggs. Maybe some vanilla essence as well.

Let’s use the cake baking process as a metaphor for a hackathon. Developers are just one ingredient (albeit a very important one). Future Hacks, our forthcoming hackathon events, need other ingredients too. Just like a cake!

Got some sugar?

So, if you can add some sugar with strong skills in relevant areas, for instance as a designer, product engineer, ethnographer, data analyst, city planner, urbanist, entrepreneur among many more types of creative minds, then Future Hacks is calling on you to get involved. This is your chance to shape Glasgow as a future city.

Read more about hackathons in an earlier blog post here.