The OPEN Glasgow Hackathon posters have hit the streets! Can you spot them?

Hackathons are events where people collaborate and develop innovative ideas. While they typically involve mainly programmers, OPEN is looking for all people with imagination, vision and enthusiasm to improve life for those living and working in Glasgow. Participants will compete to win a share of a cash prize fund of £20,000.

Reaching out to the wider community

We have launched a campaign to reach out to participants from a diverse range of backgrounds from design to development, science, art, business, education and anything else. This campaign includes street posters… and building a map to visualise where the posters should go.

Through mapping

My background is in event co-ordinating, not mapping, so the afternoon I spent mapping was interesting to say the least. I used Google Maps Engine. I was worried it would be daunting to learn something completely new but I found it easy to learn and use.

I had 30 locations to map. I started my first mapping session by typing in the postcodes to locate the poster sites. When located I would add a marker to create a map of all City Centre Poster Locations throughout Glasgow.

We then used the map to pick the location for the Future Hack event posters. You can see the photos on Facebook.

Take a look at the map, is there a poster near you? Can you snap a picture? Tweet it? Tag us on Facebook? Email us?