From June to September 2014, the Future City Explorers will work with a wide range of communities in Glasgow.

It’s all about the people

The Future City Explorers are at the cross roads of people, technology and data. OPEN Glasgow aims to demonstrate how technology and data have the potential to improve life in the city. The Explorers will investigate the other side of the coin: how can citizens use recent developments in technology and data to champion the changes they want to see in the city? Can it be an opportunity for citizens to take a renewed and active role in the local democracy?

A Future City Training Opportunity

The Future City Explorers will take part in a ‘Train the Changers’ programme in collaboration with the University of the West of Scotland. The programme will introduce the themes behind the Smart City and Future City thinking. It will also cover digital media and storytelling skills and community engagement. It will include a self-study component and group training. The Ambassadors will then be invited to share their findings. Stay tuned for more information on this open source Future City training programme.

Engaging with communities throughout Glasgow

Throughout the summer, the Explorers will build an extended network of contacts throughout Glasgow. They will work with communities to use maps, apps and other tools to capture and share their knowledge about the city. More information coming soon. They will also support the Future Makers Initiative, opening the material so that it can be used and reused freely by anyone interested in helping young people learn to code. In September, they will be part of the Engagement Hubs which will be travelling through the city, sharing the Future City Glasgow story.

The Future City needs you

The future city is of course partly about technology so a few Explorers could be technology-minded graduates wishing to expand their people and community skills. But Future City Glasgow is much more than technology, it’s about design, people, communities, history, democracy, humanities and social science, entrepreneurship… The Future City Glasgow Explorers will come from a wide range of profiles, backgrounds and experiences. They will be able to confront their points of views and learn from each other.

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