OPEN Glasgow was keen to take part in the Start-up Weekend Glasgow Cleanweb edition – Programme Manager Pippa Gardner as a judge and Scott Sherwood as a mentor. You can see his notes in the picture above. Scott Durham and Lucy Brown were also there to soak up the experience and take notes for the OPEN Glasgow hackathons coming up in 2014.

Read how 64 hackers hit Glasgow in part 1 – complete with a photo album. By Saturday morning there were eleven #SWG13 teams:
ScranClan – tackling the problem of foodwaste
How Green Is - naming and shaming’ companies with poor green credentials
PsychEd – aiming to lower social stigmas against mental illnesses through education
Unspike – reduce peak demand for energy
Green Bills – produce a platform to lower energy bills for householders
EnergySaveAR – streamlining household energy use
Podstay – creating affordable temporary accommodation
Know Your Food – platform connecting local producers with their consumers
Lend Some Sugar – facilitating collaborative consumption, by allowing neighbours to share their products
CoMute – gamification of eco-friendly journeys, where points collected mean prizes IRL (In Real Life)
Cloudlet – providing accessible carbon efficient computing

The teams settled in SocietyM: established in their chosen workspaces, where they would spend the next day and a half hacking away to build something brilliant.

All hands on deck

Some teams worked in the open spaces, enjoying the buzz of activity around them, with others tucking themselves away in the more secluded meeting rooms. Rooms were kitted out with whiteboards or blackboards, and had slatted Venetian blinds. They were decorated with all sorts of antique gadgetry, from typewriters to rotary dial telephones. Hanging from the ceiling in the corridors were incredible swinging bubble chairs. These enticed the start-uppers to take a cosy, thought-provoking break; swinging peacefully with faux fur blankets over their knees and wearing far-away ‘innovator imagining’ facial expressions.

Many hackers barely paused in their entrepreneurial efforts the entire day. They sat with their team-mates, concentrating hard on their computer screens and giant, multi-coloured post-it notes.

Build something brilliant

The atmosphere in SocietyM on Saturday afternoon was pretty chilled, but online it was clear that the teams were working hard: new websites,Twitter accounts and YouTube videos were popping up. Jennifer Tough, Media Manager for this hackathon event, was regularly blogging and tweeting to keep us all right-up-to-date with what the teams were doing.

Wise words from inspiring entrepreneurs

During dinner a sample presentation gave teams a better idea of what was expected of them for the Judging at the Lighthouse. Then there was an evening screening of The Startup Kids, an inspiring documentary about U.S. and European entrepreneurs, made – appropriately – by two Icelandic entrepreneurs. It contains interviews with the founders of Vimeo, Soundcloud, Kiip, InDinero, Dropbox, Foodspotting among others, talking about how they started their company and their lives as an entrepreneur.

The teams were all hard at work as the sun set, and were keen to make every hour count. Especially the extra one that they were being given with the clocks turning back for Winter!

The countdown to Sunday afternoon begins…