So you are attending the upcoming Future City Hackathon. What should you bring? We’ve asked a few hackathon veterans to give you some tips on what to pack.

Your work gear

  • Your favourite gear and hardware. Laptop, chargers, networking gear and any other equipment you like working with. If you have a Mac, remember to bring along their adaptor for presentations on Sunday night.
  • For those developing for mobile devices, bring your smartphones and tablets, your own and some testing devices.
  • The venue has wi-fi but it might be good idea to bring a back up just in case.
  • We will have plenty of paper, pens and pencils but consider bringing your own to mock things up and plan.
  • To share code, plans and notes with your team, it might be a good idea to be ready with a GitHub, Evernote, Asana, Basecamp, or whatever account to share. You can do this after you form your team but you can take time ahead to familiarise yourself with these tools.
  • If you have an idea in mind that requires a particular server/framework, consider setting some account(s) to allow others in your team to work with that resource.

Make yourself comfortable

  • 48 hours is a long time to work, making yourself comfortable will help you be more productive. So, (without sounding too much like your mum!), pack some layers, it might get warm when we are all in the same room and chilly at night.
  • If you are planning to stay through the night, you could pack a sleeping bag or a blanket. There will be a quiet area at night with some beanbags. The chairs aren’t exactly the most comfortable so consider bringing cushions
  • Some spare clothes and toiletries.
  • Some loose-fitting clothing if you would like to join us for the morning stretch sessions.

Keep your energy levels up

  • We will be providing catering. South Block also has a kitchen with microwaves so feel free to bring along your own food i.e. porridge oats for breakfast and your favourite snacks.
  • There are lots of cafés and eateries in the area if you would like to pop out for some fresh air.
  • There will be drinks on hand but you might want to bring water bottles to refill.

Here are some of our tips on what to bring to the hackathon but let us know: are we missing anything? What have you found helpful in the past?