O Street are delighted to be working with the Future City | Glasgow team on the City Dashboard project. One of the things we are most excited about is the fact that it is an opportunity to work alongside and collaborate with creative agencies, who on other projects are our ‘sworn enemies’.

14,000 design agency competitors across UK

At a Design Business Association (DBA) workshop last year the facilitator mentioned that there are over 14,000 design agencies in the UK the same size and scale as O Street. 14,000 companies that we have to compete against and be better than every time we go for a new job. It’s a sobering thought and one that puts us against the very people we have most in common with.

Collaboration with other creative agencies

Our good friends in the pub, but fierce foes across the boardroom (and ping pong) table, Tangent Graphics is working with Glasgow’s Future Cities Demonstrator on the ‘Infographics’ project. Only two weeks in, and we have already had two meetings and three phone calls with them about how we can work together to make each of our projects as beautiful and effective as possible.

There is an ‘o’ in team, and ice-cream too

A meeting last week saw us exchanging tips and strategies with fellow creatives ‘Icecream Architecture’, ‘Snook’ and the extremely talented ‘culture vulture’ Graeme Virtue. Our closest collaborator on this project however breaks even more conventions: crossing the East-West, creative-developer divide with Edinburgh based ‘living info graphics’ studio Stipso.

We are all for honing our skills in a competitive industry, but when a project like this comes along that allows us to pool our creative energy with the cream of Scottish creative talent you can rest assured something special is bound to happen.

Watch this space!