The past few weeks on the OPEN Glasgow project have seen a great deal of progress. O Street spoke earlier about collaboration and this ethos has really helped the project grow.

Tangent were commissioned to create a set of infographics. After discussions with the team and further thought, the original brief evolved: infographics are great but they have limited scope for such a complex concept. A set of stories would better explain what a Future City is, and what it means to Glasgow – an idea that was fully embraced by the OPEN team.

The review of the current brand identity is an example of the culture of collaboration and openness. So far, the collaboration has included the OPEN Glasgow in-house designer, O Street, a copywriter, an animator and a typographer. The final solution feels much more coherent and appropriate, but the most rewarding aspect was the willingness of everyone involved to embrace change, particularly at such an early stage.

Collaboration” often feels like a buzzword in our industry, so this genuine ethos makes us proud to be involved with this landmark project. It is rewarding to work with some of Scotland’s best talents, whom have been allowed to work to their strengths.