Stepping boldly into the future, Glasgow joins a network of future cities around the world unlocking the potential of open data.

Bringing data and people together

OPEN Glasgow places people at the heart of the approach, empowering everyone from citizens to policy-makers, app developers to artists to use city data to build, develop, experiment or simply explore.

Data is the invisible pattern created by a vibrant city living, working and playing. It is the foundation upon which the future is built. Data.glasgow.gov.uk pioneers the use of data to understand and shape the city.


OPEN Manifesto

The Open Manifesto paves the way for a more responsive city that adapts to the needs of its citizens. The success of Glasgow’s Open Platform depends on its ability to open data, engage with the community and manage information. These principles will shape new solutions for the city.

City Technology Platform

The City Technology Platform builds on this prototype and a detailed analysis phase. The Technical Architecture Context provides the background, themes and objectives for the Platform together with the operating model and solution principles.