Taking inspiration from MIT and their Entrepreneurship Development Programme, Future Hacks participants attending the health themed hackathon over the 25-27 April, will be pitching ideas in an innovative way.

Come on Friday with health ideas

All Future Hacks participants are encouraged to arrive on Friday evening with a starter idea – a seed or a more formed concept. These concepts can change; indeed ideas will definitely develop over the weekend with the support of expert mentors. However, it helps for getting things going if the attendees have done some pre-planning before Friday evening.

Pitch your idea to 5 other participants

At approximately 7pm after the guest speakers have finished their inspirational talks, Future Hacks Producer Murray Buchanan will call for the participants to move over to a networking-friendly open space in The Hub. Score cards will have been distributed, and the participants are then invited to pitch their idea to 5 people, one at a time in a one-to-one idea pitching conversation.

You form a pair to pitch your idea in approximately 1 minute. This is similar in format to ‘speed-dating’. After that, the other person has approximately 1 minute pitch their idea to you. Murray Buchanan will notify the pairs when the minute has passed and that the other person should now pitch their idea.

  • 1 minute your initial pitch
  • 1 minute your peer’s initial pitch
  • 1 minute to negotiate the points
  • move on to form a different pair with a new pitching partner

Distribute 7 points

There are 7 points available and these points must be split between the two pitchers in the pair. This means that if, between you and your pitching partner, the consensus is that your idea is the strongest, you agree together to assign 5 points to you. You then write ‘5’ on your score card beside ‘pair 1’. If you have been awarded 5 points, there are 2 points left for the other member of the pair. They write this number on their score card.

In the next pitching session you pitch your idea again to a new person, and maybe this time their initial idea is stronger. Then you might only be assigned 3 points, and they get 4.

The scoring is agreed between yourself and your peer, and you go through this process 5 times. You pitch your idea to 5 different people, and hear the ideas of 5 different people.

What ideas scored high?

At the end of the pitching session each participant totals up their points. The maximum score possible (albeit unlikely) is 5 awards of the full 7 points, i.e. 35 points. Murray Buchanan will call out for anyone with 35 points total to make themselves know, then if anyone has 34 points, 33, 32 or 31, and so on.

The 10-15 top ideas – those ideas with the higher points – will then be pitched to the whole room of participants, again in approximately 1 minute.

Wild-card ideas

To give the opportunity for a person with an idea that did not secure a high level of points from the one-to-one pitching session also to form a team, a call will be made for ‘wild card’ ideas. Those participants who want to pitch their idea to the whole room, and form a team to work on the idea over the weekend, will be given the chance to do so.

Form teams

Once the final ideas have been shared with everyone participating, there will be time for teams to form.

All that remains is to work together, build something brilliant and perhaps walk away with £20,000 on Sunday night!