Day 1. Friday night: it is almost midnight at South Block and #hackglasgow is well underway. Time for Lucy’s Midnight Log! There are 13 teams – lucky for some – working hard right now to come up with solutions to make Glasgow safer. Here is a list of the teams (initial names) and the starter concepts – of course these will evolve over the weekend!

Team Names


Starter Concept: Safe directions – people can report disruptive incidents (icy road, fight outside a pub, car crash) and then a safer route can be suggested

– Josh’s 11 are MSGlasgow

Starter Concept: Public service communication; platform on a mobile that allows short, concise communications to be made (Glasgow City Council, NHS, Police); a digital 101 but for more than just the police. Services can push messages to people’s phones, team will be looking at building a standard infrastructure “personalised, localised Twitter”

– Team Kummerspeck (translation from the German: comfort eating)

Starter Concept: Information published on Twitter sent directly/filtered to those who need it/relevant users

– See-what-happens

Starter Concept: Explore the city, talk to people, let them do the work and see what happens


Starter Concept: Making people feel safer by focusing on psychological aspects of community and local neighbourhood

– Lime

Concept: Help points in local businesses. Information, but more interesting


Starter Concept: Real-time Data Visualisation; Police/Council tool to potentially predict public safety issues (crime, flooding  etc.)


Starter Concept: 4G real-time body camera for the police to help in predicting suspicious behaviour; future actions of suspect; moving CCTV


Starter Concept: Enhanced community management via social media

Stream Safe

Starter Concept: Real-time sharing of wearable cameras & CCTV

Zsolt Kalmar

Concept: Live data – GPS to track police officers, community safety officers, visitors and citizens to seek help and report problems e.g. Commonwealth Games visitors

– Safe as Houses

Starter Concept: Bringing communities together to improve safety using website and an app to facilitate neighbours/community to communicate


Starter concept: End to end open public reporting, fulfilment and feedback framework. Easy to report things that matter & full-circle on how resolved

Friday evening

There are approximately 45 participants, and the evening has gone well. The guest speakers helped to set keen innovator minds thinking ideas related to the Public Safety theme, and Murray Buchanan encouraged lots of pitches. There were well over 25 people who took to the open floor and shared their ideas. Teams formed at 9pm, got themselves registered (see above), then the civic hacking started.

There was a wifi glitch moment in the downstairs part of South Block at 11pm, but few teams noticed. This was down to a combination of factors: some had gone elsewhere to work, some had nabbed the upstairs sofas for their team work (there is a different wifi router upstairs), and some were so deep in initial concept development using sticky-notes and flip-charts that, frankly, they were beyond digital concerns.

More updates tomorrow during breakfast time, promptly after the morning stretches session!