Somewhere in the East-end of Glasgow, something remarkable is happening. Sunnyside Primary School, located in Craigend, has reached a global audience. All in a matter of hours. All from the power of connectivity.

“Has it gone viral?”

second sunnyside tweet visual

Looks like it!

A teacher at Sunnyside Primary School thought to run a little social media experiment to see how far one tweet can reach. Since the original message, tweeted yesterday at 7.16pm, there have been over 6098 retweets. And at midnight on Wednesday 15th January 2014, it isn’t showing signs of stopping yet.

The school now have a map so the pupils can see where exactly there retweets are coming from. OPEN Glasgow’s own retweet of the message from [embedit snippet=”tweet-us”] is perhaps not as exotic – Bridgeton is a mere 4.4 miles away from Sunnyside Primary.

To the lands of the moose and the panda

However, the experiment was picked up by Scottish writer William Meikle, who has moved far from his homeland to Canada. The distance from Glasgow to Newfoundland, where Meikle now lives, is 2201 miles (3542 kilometers); and even further west to Calgary in Alberta – where the tweet also gained a retweet – it is an impressive 4048 miles (6514 kilometers). The retweet from Chengdu, far East in China’s Sichuan province, is over 5000 miles away from the Glaswegian primary school.

What a fantastic way to learn about geography and of course the power of social media. We live in the digital age, and the world is more joined-up than ever before.

Space is the final frontier

Alas, Chris Hadfield has returned to Earth so no retweet from outer space… Worth an ask though – anyone reading this from ‘out there’, go on, give Sunnyside Primary School pupils’ social media experiment a wee retweet!

Engaging community

This summer, Future City | Glasgow invites Glaswegians and visitors to Glasgow to engage with, explore and contribute to our Engagement Hubs. The aim of these Hubs is inspire and facilitate discussions today about how we want to shape our future city tomorrow.

School pupils the world over are welcome to take part. And if Miss Ewen and her class from Sunnyside Primary School come to join us, we would be thrilled to hear reflections from their digital experience shared with the wider community.