With more than half of the world's population now living in urban areas, how can we make cities better places to live and work?

In 2012, the Technology Strategy Board aimed to answer this question. It invited 50 cities to show how integrated systems – for transport, energy, waste, governance etc – would work more effectively. This would not only be good for cities but represents an enormous business opportunity.

29 cities were awarded £50k each to develop feasibility studies. Glasgow was then awarded £24m to create a Future Cities Demonstrator, putting plans for integrating services into effect on a scale not seen before in the UK.

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Department for Business Innovation and Skills press release
Glasgow City Council Press release
Solutions for Cities: An analysis of the feasibility studies

Glasgow 2050 vision

Glasgow was not new to future city thinking. In 2011, over 2,700 people at over 40 events collaborated to deliver a new city vision: what would Glasgow look like in 2061? A city that continues to deliver the best possible outcomes for everyone who invests, works, lives, studies and plays in the city.

We want Glasgow to flourish as a modern, multi-cultural, metropolitan city of opportunity, achievement, culture and sporting excellence where citizens and businesses thrive and visitors are always welcomed.

Glasgow City Council Vision

A bold proposal

Glasgow sets out to build a technology infrastructure to integrate city systems and data and deliver improved and responsive city services. It would benefit the city and be replicable by other urban areas. This would include a Data Repository, an Intelligent Operations Platform, City Dashboards, engagement opportunities and further development of the ‘MyGlasgow’ Application.

In addition, specific Demonstrators would focus on delivering integrated system improvements within the themes of health, energy, transport and public safety. The themes reflect Glasgow’s main challenges and maximise the benefit of technology: improve quality of life, deliver economic opportunity and reduce environmental footprint.

Glasgow Demonstrator Proposal Presentation
Glasgow Demonstrator Proposal
Glasgow Feasibility Study

This £24m investment will make Glasgow a city of tomorrow, demonstrating how cities can work more efficiently with a reduced environmental impact.