There are about 20 participants still here working away at South Block and it is now Sunday. The last day! The teams now have less than 18 hours left to perfect their prototype and concept – digital or otherwise – then practise their presentations for the judging panel tomorrow.

Judging criteria

Tomorrow the teams will stand up before the judges and an audience of their peers for their chance to win the £20,000 fund. This money will be a substantial support for the winning team to take their Future Hacks Public Safety idea forward. Here are 5 bullet points that all participants should give some thought.

  • feasibility
  • sustainability
  • positive impact on Glasgow
  • relevance to the theme
  • use of datasets

Judges will be looking at how each of the teams have performed in relation to these key areas.

Where did Saturday go?

How can it be the final countdown, when just a moment ago we were all crammed into the upstairs room of South Block, with 2 beanbags for every 1 person? It doesn’t seem like very much time has passed since we enjoyed the presentations from our inspiring guest speakers and some lively debate about the definition of ‘public safety’. It was just a short while ago in real-time, but the entrepreneurial effort from the participants has been immense.

The final presentations promise to be a treat for the judges and general audience, as teams share their public safety innovations. In addition, the team members themselves will be glad to have the stage and make their case for the big prize. It has been a weekend consisting of a lot of hard work. Hopefully all the participants will feel that this has been a great experience, but there will be some for whom that this weekend is just the start of it!

As the midnight hour unravels, the 40 participants are left to grab some sleep, carry out additional research, draw more venn diagrams, make a stylish coat from sticky-notes, play a bit more ping-pong or have a few nutritional pomegranate seeds with Lucy, who is encouraged to learn from Twitter that some attendees would indeed prefer fruit salad to pizza.